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Doing what we can to help our community

SRS Raise the Roof Foundation set to help Hurricane Harvey Victims

As rain continues to fall along the gulf coast of Texas and Louisiana, the real threat that Hurricane Harvey presented is now being realized.  With rainfall accumulations of up to 24” in the first 24 hours; and as much as a total of 50” possible in some areas over the next several days, we are seeing flood levels that cannot be benchmarked and may only continue to rise. 

With this in mind, we are sending our immediate thoughts and prayers to everyone in the affected areas as this event continues to unfold.

Additionally, we would like to thank everyone who has reached out to both SRS Distribution and the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation expressing their desire to help the victims of this storm.

The SRS Raise the Roof Foundation is committed to supporting natural disaster relief efforts of the communities we serve.  The damage has been catastrophic, and these communities along with our employees, customers and suppliers will need our support.

For this reason, I am announcing a two week fundraising campaign dedicated to the direct relief and support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  As a part of this campaign, SRS Distribution will match 100% of the contributions that are received by the Foundation during this period.  All money raised will go to support relief organizations that the Foundation currently sponsors or, on a limited basis, directly to victims of this terrible storm, including SRS employees.

To make a contribution directly to this fund that will be matched dollar for dollar by SRS Distribution, please follow the link below.

Thank you for your time, and please keep the rest of our friends and family in your prayers!

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