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Helping Wounded Warriors Reunite with Loved Ones

As we approach Christmas and the holiday season, it’s important to remember that the safety enjoyed by the United States is a result of the efforts of millions in our armed services. Those who fought (and fight) for our country put their lives on the line every day. Far too often, veterans come home wounded from a tour overseas.

Whatever hospital a wounded vet returns to, there is no assurance loved ones have the resources to come visit and provide emotional, physical and psychological support to their family member in the military service. Many families cannot afford to visit their son or daughter, particularly if the cost of a commercial airline ticket is involved. That’s where Luke’s Wings comes in.

Luke’s Wings express mission is to reunite wounded members of the U.S. military with their families. The organization raises money through donations to help make this happen, and is currently holding a “No Soldier Spends Christmas Alone” campaign.

“This past year, SRS Raise the Roof Foundation donated $120,000 to Luke’s Wings to help them with campaigns like this. One of the most important times of year for families to reunite and provide support is during the Christmas and holiday season, and we are extremely proud to be able help veterans who are hospitalized or rehabbing from injuries sustained during their service,” said Rich Ross, Executive Director of the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation.

Along with the $120,000, SRS Raise the Roof Foundation has earmarked $150,000 for Luke’s Wings in 2016. “It’s the right thing to do. We’ve seen the joy it brings to our veterans’ faces, and recognize that only through these types of contributions can we make it happen,” Ross said.

The goal of the “No Soldier Spends Christmas Alone” campaign is to ensure enough travel funds have been raised to ensure free airplane tickets are available to those in need. No government program provides this assistance. Private donations make it happen.

“This campaign will reunite our wounded warriors, veterans and heroes with their loved ones when they need them the most. It’s a great cause, and for those who wish to contribute further, individual donations are accepted,” Ross added.

All donations received by the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation in the month of December 2015, will be matched by the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation and given to Luke’s Wings “No Soldier Spends Christmas Alone” campaign. Please visit to donate. For more information about Luke’s Wings, please visit their website at:

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