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Minuteman Disaster Response Benefits from $50,000 Contribution

McKinney, TX – July 10, 2015:   


When a disaster occurs, Minuteman Disaster Response goes into action.  The organization is set up to augment the efforts of federal, state and local first responders, who are the first on the scene to assess damage and begin the crucial initial steps in cleanup and protection of communities and its citizens.


Their efforts take a huge commitment of resources.  Equipment and people must be deployed quickly and efficiently.  To help Minuteman Disaster Response, the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation recently donated $50,000 to their efforts.  The money is specifically targeted for the purchase of a vehicle that is used on-site by the responders after a disaster strikes.


The vehicle is designed to relay information rapidly to news stations.  Personnel operating the vehicle are able to talk with meteorologists , using specific predictive equipment to share on-the-ground weather events, helping those sharing weather news increase their accuracy.


“Disaster relief is one of the core areas the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation supports,” Ron Ross, Chairman and CEO of SRS Distribution Inc. and of the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation, said. “We are proud to support an organization like Minuteman Disaster Response to help protect the lives of others through providing potentially life-saving information and medical response to those who have been negatively affected by natural disasters.”


The SRS Raise the Roof Foundation intends to continue to support the efforts of Minuteman Disaster Response through annual general contributions to their organization.  

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