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SRS Support for Joplin, Missouri

On Sunday, May 22, 2011, at approximately 6:00pm, a massive tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri.  Tossing cars and trees like children’s toys, the sinister twister sliced like a knife through the city of approximately 50,000 people.

The tornado crushed nearly a third of the city. It pounded about 2,000 buildings, knocked out power and cell phone service for many, and damaged water treatment and sewage plants. The tangled remains of cars and trucks were overturned and thrown against buildings and trees. Some blocks were jagged mounds of debris, while others were stripped to utter emptiness: just foundations of homes and tree trunks — no leaves, no branches, no bark.

It was the deadliest tornado in more than half a century, and it adds to a season of particularly deadly tornadoes.  Storms


in the Midwest and South have killed hundreds of people in the last two months, and left millions of dollars of damage behind.

Nearly a month after the massive tornado devastated Joplin, another person has died from injuries, bringing the death toll to 155. 

Financial donations are one of the best options to support those in need because they offer agencies, like the Red Cross, the most flexibility in obtaining resources most-needed by survivors.  Ron Ross, CEO of SRS, donated $100,000 in the name of SRS Acquisition to help the people of Joplin with their recovery efforts.  Hopefully, this donation will find its way into the lives of the many, many people who desperately need our help and support to rebuild their lives and futures. 


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