SRS Raise the Roof Foundation

Doing what we can to help our community

Nathan Hart’s Family Suffers from Tragic Accident!

Donate during the month of May, and SRS Raise the Roof Foundation will match 100% of your donation to support Nathan and his family pay for uncovered medical expenses, and move into a handicap accessible home!

Nathan Hart, a driver from the SRS Distribution family, his fiancee Renee Ferrier, and their three-year-old daughter Natalie need our support! On March 16, 2013, the family was hit head on by a drunk driver and all suffered major injuries. Nathan and Renee both broke several bones and devastatingly lost their six-month-old unborn baby girl! Natalie is currently in a rehabilitation hospital where she is recovering from here critical, and life threatening injuries. This young family is facing a long road to recovery and they need all the help and prayers we can give!